Weddings & Wileyware

I am so touched when people order wedding gift glasses for their beloveds.

Wileyware is a perfect, heirloom-quality gift for newlyweds

Wileyware stands out as something couples use and enjoy everyday, unlike many of the random wedding gifts that people seem to get (Elvis clocks, wind chimes, steak knives, anyone?).

Each time they drink from their glasses, the bride and groom are reminded of those who love them.

Time and again, newlyweds tell me that my glasses are among their most cherished and frequently used wedding gifts.

The glasses can be personalized with the couple's name and wedding date etched around the base. I’ve also engraved phrases from wedding vows or of life advice/sentiment for the years ahead. Sweet!

And – I've heard that the bride and groom don't necessarily notice the engraving right away, so dazzled are they by the colorful shimmering glasses. some point......after the wedding hubbub has died down, perhaps after the honeymoon or when they start using the glasses in their new home ....they notice! A bonus moment of extra delight is created that makes these perfect as a wedding gift.

Newlyweds enjoying their Wileyware


Please contact me if you're interested in ordering custom Wileyware for newlyweds in your life.