Praise for Wileyware


 Customers love and treasure their Wileyware.

“We love the glasses!  In fact, I'm already addicted to them: morning OJ, water throughout the day, wine with dinner – we decided to just use and enjoy them every day.  I really can't think of a a more perfect embodiment of the Arts & Crafts philosophy 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.'  These glasses are both!  THANK YOU!"

– Susan G., New York City

“Ok Wileyware – I saw your glasses online somewhere obscure; they knocked me out and I have been pining for them ever since.  I just ordered 4 tall glasses, Vacation at Home, one orange, pink,  green and violet for myself.  No question.  I think. I’m not sure that the everyday photos of your wares do them justice.  But I think I could learn to live with dramatic uplighting in the evening for the sake of my glasses, ha!”


“These glasses are sensual, playful and alive! They are the perfect go-to wedding gift.”

– Susan L, Amherst, MA

Thank you so much for having these. They are exactly what I need for my table.”

– Melissa, Anacortes

“Aren’t these beautiful?

– Jennifer, Seattle, WA

“They are magic glasses.”

– Nicolas, age 6., Seattle, WA

“These glasses are sharp. I like their weight, the way they feel in my hand, and the fabulous colors that light up in them.”

– Rebecca T., New Hampshire

“I am throwing away all those crappy glasses I got from Target.”

– Deb, Seattle, WA

“I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without these”

– Kara, Redmond, WA