Wileyware FAQ

How Do I Care for My Wileyware?

  • Yes! Your Wileyware glasses CAN be washed in the dishwasher. They are dishwasher safe and lead-free. The colored glass at the bottom will not fade or change over time. We do however recommend the lower heat dishwasher setting.
  • We do not recommend putting Wileyware glasses in the microwave. The fabulous colorshifting dichroic glass contains fine metal particles that will excite your microwave.
  • It's okay to put the glasses in the freezer to chill them. Please refrain, however, from pouring hot beverages or boiling water into them. Pyrex (borosilicate) glass is the only type of glass that can handle extreme temperature change

What Causes the Magical Color Effects?

  • We hand blow each glass and add a specialized dichroic glass to the base of each glass (this glass does not come in contact with the contents in the glass.)
  • Dichroic glass contains vaporized metals which shift color based on the angle and type of lighting on them (similar to the iridescent effect or a peacock feather or butterfly wing).
  • When coupled with our special glass-blowing techniques, the combination of the dichroic glass and the glass shape create the dazzling dance of light unique to Wileyware. ENJOY a lifetime of use!

What happens when you put colored beverages in Wileyware?

Part of the fun of Wileyware is playing with the way the base color reflects in different beverages, or with ice and bubbles.  With opaque or dark liquids (milk, juice, red wine, dark beer), the glass bottom looks more sculptural and defined as a sparkling layer.

My personal favorite combinations are 1) the fluted magenta glass with champagne, 2) the “thank you water” glass with seltzer and ice and 3) the mint/gold (aka Baja blue or “Trout Potion No.9”) mini glass with absinthe and ice.


Payment FAQ

Payment and Shipping:

  • Payments are via Stripe (all major credit cards accepted).
  • All orders ship in 3-4 weeks.
  • We custom make your glasses for you!
  • Tax: WA residents add 9.5% sales tax
  • US shipping is INCLUDED - Shipping to Canada is $20. 

Extra Special Options:

  • Gift wrapping: $10 each or $20 per set
  • Engraved message: $7 per glass (up to fifty characters per glass)
  • Hand signed: All our glasses are hand signed – each is an individual piece of art.
  • Extra special occasion? – Please call Marcia directly to discuss wedding registry or glass rental options at (206) 706-6051.