Glass of Comfort

I've been thinking a lot about the simple acts of giving and receiving.

I have a huge amount of abundance in my life-a gorgeous studio with working kilns, an incredible kid, family, friends and a home in a place where I can grow vegetables year round. And I am blessed in that I generally get to do what I believe I am here to do: bring beauty and play into the world.

In the past few years five close friends and four friends of friends were not so lucky. And I learned that when our loved ones are sick or going through a hard time, we are compelled to do something--anything!-- to encourage and support them. I very much wanted to give my people something that could bring bits of joy to their lengthy treatments and many hospital visits. I wanted them to have something that brought daily comfort and was a reminder of beauty in the world. 

As luck would have it, I have access to lots of beautiful handmade glassware.  I gifted Jean, Jenna, Adrienne, Iona, and Corbin with my favorite one, a radiant water glass that shimmers with pink, gold, and aqua. I engraved the words “Love Light and Healing” on it and so, the Wileyware Glass of Comfort was born.

Two of these women have moved on, as some Native Americans say, "to the next camp." But those that are now cancer free have commented on how the glass indeed helped make their days lighter.

Susan Keats, one of the recipients, has become a big Wileyware fan. Here's her story:

"I once overheard someone say that life is too short to not fill it full of beautiful things. I've always loved this idea, and my house is full of art and things that I find to be beautiful. The one part of this statement though that I never considered was the "life is short" part.

I received a diagnosis of breast cancer in April of 2010, and before I knew it, chemo meds were running through my veins and I felt sick much of the time. Friends and family all rushed to support me, shifting my idea of "beautiful things" to appreciation for all of the beautiful people I am fortunate enough to call my friends and family. Throughout my treatment though, I also received many thoughtful and meaningful gifts. My favorite by far was not only a beautiful thing, but also came from a very beautiful person. Marcia Wiley is a friend of a friend, yet one day a box arrived in the mail with a stunning drinking glass that fills with sparkles when I pour water into it.

There were days during chemo treatments that left me unable to eat, but I always had at my side this beautiful tumbler full of light. It was like drinking fresh water that had been infused with something healing and energizing.

This glass is now at the top of my list of favorite beautiful things. I am well now, but I still keep it by my bedside. I don't think I will ever stop feeling that there is something magical in the water with every swallow I take. Life may be short after all, but this small, wondrous work of art will keep me happy and healthy all the way to the end. I love it. Thanks Marcia."

-Susan Keats

And congratulations, Susan!  Learn more about her world and her online magazine, The Succulent Wife.

Increasingly, it seems we each know someone going through cancer treatments.  If you'd like to lighten the load of a loved one by sending them a special glass please contact me at I'd be very honored.  

Glass of Comfort Details

  • $69, Price includes engraving, shipping, and card.
  • Each 11 oz glass is made one at a time by a team of glass artists.
  • Dishwasher safe, meant to be used and enjoyed daily.
  • Color may vary slightly-dichroic glass can be akin to a dye lot in yarn with variation between each “run” of the same color.
  • Because they are made to order, shipping time varies from 2-4 weeks.